Letter from Jacob Fowler to David Fowler

Mohegan, 11th of January, 1773       

Dear Brother,

Having now some prospect of conveying few of my broken hints towards you, I do with cheerfulness undertake this task.  I have often heard of your uneasiness and concern for our poor countrymen Indians. Now let me entreat of you to be more so, even go before and call upon them as you go; be sincerely concerned for their never dying souls; let your concern be so efficacious, by close application of it their hearts and consciences; so that they will have nothing wherewithal to gainsay (Understand me) by the assistance of God alone.  In the meanwhile be vastly and narrowly concerned for your dear and immortal soul, that while   [   hole   ] so choice of others, it may be you yourself be a castaway. [ Reme ]mber the words of Christ to some of his followers, “Wha[ t if it is m] y will that he should stay until I come, what’s that to thee, follow then me.”  So it may the case with you, whilst looking upon others imperfections, yours may be as bad.   Let us therefore look beyond the imperfections of your fellow creatures, and look to God who is only perfect. For it is through the perfection of Christ alone we expect to be blessed, not depending upon any works of our own, no other than what has been already wrought out by Christ himself.

If you have that understanding given you, to see that misconduct and shortcomings of poor Christians on that isle, the only way is to clap in your shoulder, and help along the glorious cause and interest of the bleeding Lamb of God; which by our sins was so shamefully crucified.  I am well sensible the Christians there want somebody t[ o] admonish them in many points of the greatest importan[ ce ] and they ought to be pitied, and we must have great de[ al ] of charity for ‘em.

I write this, not that I dislike your finding so much to say against them, but I would is to endeavor to remind you of yourself in the meantime.  Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all other things shall be added thereunto.   So I think I must conclude; remember me to yours and all friends.  In the meantime, I remain your affectionate brother and very humble servant.                                                                                                                                            

Jacob Fowler

Address:          To Master Fowler / To David Fowler, Schoolmaster in Montauk, Long Island

Endorsement:   DF1  

Notation:         J Fowler

  • 1. These are the initials of David Fowler.