Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Judiciary on the Petition of Zaccheus Nonesuch et al

General Assembly, May Session, A.D. 1868.

The Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary to whom was referred petition number 121 being the petition of Zaccheus Nonesuch and others for protection to Niantic burial grounds and the petition of F.W. Bolles and others in aid thereof and also a resolution giving permission to sell personal property of Niantic Indians beg leave to report that they have had said petition under consideration and are of the opinion that the prayer thereof ought to be granted but that the resolution ought not to pass and recommended the passage of the accompanying resolution, as a substitute therefore.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

Alfred Coit, Chairman.

Legislative Action:

Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary on Petition Number. 121 being the Petition of Zaccheus Nonesuch, et. al. / Senate, June 25, 1868, Accepted, James U. Taintor, Clerk. / House of Representatives, June 27, 1868, Accepted, John A. Tibbits, Assistant Clerk  / 311



  • 1. The number 54 was crossed out.