Resolution on the Petition of Zacheus Nonesuch, et. al, for Leave to Sell Land

General Assembly, May Session 1866                      

Resolved by the Assembly,      

That the application of Zaccheus Nonesuch and others by the Niantic Tribe of Indians for leave to sell or divide tribe lands be referred to the Superior Court for New London County to pass upon the questions involved in said petition.  And that jurisdiction be and is hereby conferred upon said court and said court is hereby authorized to hear and determine the whole matter and to inquire whether it is for the interest of said tribe that said land should be divided or sold and in case it should so determine, to appoint a committee to make such sale or division and make report of the same to said court for its acceptance.  And in case said court shall determine that it is not for the interest for said tribe that said tribe lands should be sold, said determination1 shall be final and conclusive in the matter.

Legislative Action:

131 / Resolution Relating to Lands of Zaccheus Nonesuch / Senate, June 28, 1866, Passed, John R. Buck, Clerk / House of Representatives, June 29, 1866, Passed, John M. Morris, Clerk / Approved, June 13, 1866, Joseph R. Hawley/ a29, J. R. H.


32A, 32B

  • 1. The word report is crossed out.