Petition of Niantic Indians of East Lyme, Connecticut for Sale of Lands

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be holden at New London in said State on the first Wednesday in May next1

The subscribers, the agent and members of the Tribe of the Niantic Indians in the Town of East Lyme, respectfully represent to Your Honorable Body that there is a tract of land belonging to said Niantic Tribe of Indians on which Samuel Beckwith of East Lyme has a dwelling house and barn.  Which said house has belonged to Ezra Beckwith, the father of said Samuel, and to said Samuel Beckwith about fifty years and the rent of the land on which said house and barn stands is merely nominal.  And under the circumstances, your petitioners are of the opinion that it would be for the interest of the parties to have the following tract on which said house and barn now stands valued by two or three judicious disinterested men and the said Samuel Beckwith being willing to take it at such appraisal.  Said tract is bounded as follows, to wit, beginning at the northeast corner by the edge of the salt marsh and at the west line of the Indian lands.  Thence southerly by the west line of said Indian lands and the edge of the salt marsh about 58 ¼ rods to an old wall.  Thence Easterly by an old wall and other Indian lands 38 ½ rods to the Highway.  Thence northerly by the highway 21 ½ rods to the north side of Samuel Beckwith's gate.  Thence north easterly by the highway 16 Rods to a marked stone in the wall.  Thence westerly by other Indian land 17 ¾ rods to the corner of an old wall.  Thence still westerly by an old wall and other Indian lands to the edge of the salt marsh 18 rods to the place of beginning, containing about 9 ¼ acres.  Now, we pray Your Honors to take the matter herein into consideration and grant to the present Indian agent, or some other suitable person, power and authority to sell and convey the above described premises by deed of warranty or otherwise to said Samuel Beckwith, he paying the amount there for that said appraisers shall judge the same to be worth in Money.  And that the sum of such valuation be by the Indian agent invested in bank stock or on mortgage security for the benefit of said Niantic Indians and thereby the said Beckwith and the said Indians can each have the full benefit of their property. 

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

Calvin S. Manwaring, Indian's Agent       

John Nonesuch

George Waukeet

William Sobuck

Dated in East Lyme, April 12, 1856


The undersigned inhabitants of the Town of East Lyme are fully of the opinion that it would be for the interest of both the parties above to have the prayer of their petition granted: Moses H. Warren, John L. Smith, Peter Comstock, Austin F. Perkins, John S. Beckwith, Daniel Steward, John D. Otis, Francis W. Bolles, [illegible ] Comstock                                                                                             

Legislative Action:

Petition of Niantic Indians of East Lyme for Sale of Lands / Number 159 / Entered May Session 1856, Joseph J. Dimock, Clerk for Nehemiah D. Sperry, Secretary of State / House of Representatives, May 21, 1856, Referred to Joint Standing Committee on the Sale of Lands, Edwin B. Trumbull, Clerk / Senate, May 22, 1856, Concur, Orville H. Platt, Clerk /  House of Representatives, June 12, 1856, Prayer Granted Edwin B. Trumbull, Clerk /  Jeremiah B. Manwaring, East Lyme / Senate, June 13, 1856, Prayer Granted, Orville H. Platt, Clerk / 2 / 8 cr


46A, 46B

  • 1. The first Wednesday in May 1856 was May 7th.
  • 2. Crossed out text: 11 Lands