Waukeet, Lydia, - 1836

In a petition to the General Assembly of Connecticut, local Lyme, Connecticut physician, Vine Utley, sought compensation for medical services rendered to the Niantics.  Among the Niantics listed was Lydia Waukeet; she was billed for Utley's attendance for the period between July 19, 1801 and July 18, 1819.   It is unclear what condition was being treated but, the nominal charge for nearly two decades of medical care suggests infrequent treatment at the very least.  Lydia appeared in the records of the state appointed overseer for the Niantic Indians, Peter Comstock, from March 1829 to March of 1836 as receiving goods and services. It was around this time in 1836 that neighbors Samuel Beckwith and Sally Sobuck were compensated individually for caring for Lydia.  The same records indicate that the funeral expenses of Lydia Waukeet were charged to the tribal fund in March of 1836 .  CT General Assembly, Rejected Bills, Petition of Vine Utley; NLCC:PbS, Indians, Western Niantic

bef. 1801
March 1836