Poquiantup, Dolly, - 1829

Dolly Poquiantup, a member of the Western Niantic community, was the daughter of Joseph Poquiantup. In a petition to the General Assembly of Connecticut, local Lyme, Connecticut physician, Vine Utley, sought compensation for medical services rendered to the Niantics.  Among the Niantics listed was Dolly Poquiantup; she was billed for his attendance for the period between July 19, 1811 and March 4, 1815.   It is unclear what condition was being treated but, suffice to say, Dolly recovered and lived almost another 15 years.  The records of the state appointed overseer for the Niantic Indians, Peter Comstock, indicate that the funeral expenses of Dolly Poquiantup were charged to the tribal fund on October 26, 1829. General Assembly, Rejected Bills, Petition of Vine Utley; NLCCR: Inquests

October 26, 1829