Sobuck, Deborah, - 1823

In a petition to the General Assembly of Connecticut, local Lyme, Connecticut physician, Vine Utley, sought compensation for medical services rendered to the Niantics.  Among the Niantics listed was Deborah Sobuck,  She was billed for his attendance for the period between February 3, 1807 to September 8, 1820.  Based on the rather nominal charge of $2.34 for the 13 years in question, it seems unlikely that Sobuck's condition was serious. On March 16, 1823 a jury of inquest was called to examine the body of Deborah Sobuck.  She was found dead on the Niantic reservation in what was then Lyme, Connecticut.  It was determined by those assembled that she died of "inclement weather or some cause unknown."   CSL, CT General Assembly, Rejected Bills, Petition of Vine Utley; CSl, NLCSC: Inquests

March 16, 1823