Nonesuch, Joshua , - 1821

Joshua Nonesuch was the husband of Mercy Sobuck of the Western Niantic community in East Lyme, Connecticut.  Joshua worked periodically for Joshua Powers, a neighboring farmer in East Lyme from at least 1804-1813. In a petition to the General Assembly of Connecticut, local physician, Vine Utley, sought compensation for medical services rendered to the Niantics.  Among the Niantics listed was Joshua Nonesuch, for attendance between May 22, 1807 to March 21, 1821.  It is unclear whether the care provided over the years was intermittent and unrelated or associated with a chronic condition.  Joshua Nonesuch died in December of the same year. Joshua and Mercy had three children: John, Betsy, and Mercy Ann, the youngest being born several months after Joshua's death Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 270;  Mrs. Charles Smith, “The Last of the Niantics,”The Connecticut Magazine 8 (1903-1904 ): 455-456; CSL, Rejected Bills, Petition of Vine Utley, 1833.04.22.00

December 1821