Stocking, Samuel, 1620 - 1683

Samuel Stocking was the son of George and Anna Stocking of Suffolk, England, and husband of Bethiah Hopkins, daughter of John Hopkins.  He emigrated with his father in 1633 and settled in Hartford, Connecticut until his removal to Middletown in 1651.  In civil affairs he served as a surveyor of highways, grand levy man, fence viewer, and deputy to the Connecticut General Court and was a sergeant in King Philip’s War.  With Thomas Allen and John Hall, Jr. he was elected deacon of the Congregational Church of Middletown in 1670 and served to the time of his death.  Stocking was a member of several commissions organized by the Connecticut General Court and by the Town of Middletown to ascertain the bounds of the Indian land at Wangunk in 1666.  At his death, he owned several pieces of land at Wangunk Meadow, which he bequeathed to his sons.  367-368.  R.W. Bacon, “In-Depth First Settler Profile: Samuel Stocking (1650),” The Middler, Newsletter of the Society of Middletown First Settlers Descendants, n.d..  Henry Franklin Andrews, The Hamlin Family: A Genealogy of Capt. Giles Hamlin of Middletown, Connecticut, 1654-1900 (Exira, Iowa, H.F. Andrews, 1900),134-135.  Charles William Manwaring, A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records, Hartford District, 1635-1700 (Genealogical Publishing Company, 1904), 367-368.

c. 1620
December 30, 1683

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