Connecticut General Assembly Resolve on the Petition of the Selectmen from Canaan and Cornwall

Upon the petition of Nathaniel Stevens and John Holabird, selectmen for the Town of Canaan, and Joseph North and Bradley Catlin, selectmen for the Town of Cornwall, representing to this Assembly that in the month of May 1802. Molly Meazon, an Indian woman, was taken sick at said Canaan and incurred the expense in boarding, attendance, and medicine furnished by said Town of thirty-one dollars and fifty-three cents, and that she afterwards went to Cornwall, where she continued to be sick and in a short time died, and the said town of Cornwall expended for medicine, board, attendance, and funeral charges to the amount of twenty dollars and fifty-nine cents, and further that the said Molly owns in fee an undivided share in a small piece of land lying in the Town of Farmington, as by petition on file, the facts therein stated being proved.
Resolved by this Assembly that John Mix, Esq., be, and he is hereby authorized and empowered to sell and by deed convey to such person or persons as will give the highest price therefor, her title and interest in and to so much of said lands as will discharge said debts with incident charges of sale and to pay the avails thereof over to the discharge of the aforesaid debts, if there should be a sufficiency to pay the whole, if not, so far as the avails thereof will go in proportion to said debts.
Passed in the House of Representatives, attest Jonathan O. Moseley, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House, Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary
Legislative Action:
Bill de Petition of Selectmen of Canaan and Cornwall to sell Indian lands.  Passed House of Representatives.  Concurred Upper House