Deed from Adam Indian to John Adams

Know All Men by These Presents
I, Adam, an Indian of the Town and County of New Haven and Colony of Connecticut, for and in consideration of the love, good will, and affection which I have and do bear to my loving son, John Adams, now living in New Haven, have given and granted to said John, to say, one-half part of four acres of land and orchard and the one half part of a dwelling house there on.  The said land and house is in the Township of Farmington in the County of Hartford, the northern half of said land.  The whole piece is bounded on the east with a highway north, south, and west by the Indian [1] field west of the Town of Farmington.  Said land I formerly bought of a squaw called Sue Wawowos. To have and to hold said given and granted premises to him, the said John Adams, his heirs, and assigns forever.
In confirmation of which I hereunto set my hand and seal,
Adam Indian, his mark, seal
November 3, 1756, in the thirtieth year of the reign of Our Sovereign Lord George II of Great Britain, King
Signed, sealed, and delivered in presents of John Prout, Margaret Prout
Then Jacob, an Indian, personally appeared and acknowledged the above instrument to be his free and voluntary act and deed, coram[2] John Prout, Justice of the Peace, New Haven, November 3, 1756
A true entry of a deed recorded July 3, 1763, per Joseph Hooker, Registrar

[1] Deleted text: land
[2] Coram (Latin) "in the presence of"