Deed from Hatchet Towsey and Jonathan to John Hart

To All People to Whom These Presents Shall Come: Greeting
Know you that we, Hatchet Towsey and Jonathan, Indians, belonging to the Town of Farmington in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New England, [for] divers reasons, causes, and considerations moving hereunto, do hereby remise, release, relinquish, quitclaim for ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators unto about three roods of land lying in the Indian Neck within the Township of said Farmington in the possession of John Hart of John of the aforesaid town, county and Colony, and is bounded as followeth, namely: eastward on the brow of the bank next to John Rew, and west on the land of the said Hart, south, part on the land of Sarah Steel, and part on the land of Hannah Squaw, hereby for ourselves, heirs, executors, administrators, do give. grant. alien, pass over, convey, and confirm unto him, the said John Hart, his heirs, and assigns forever all that right, title, claim, interest, property, possession that we have. might, should, or ought to have, unto the said three roods of land, and for him, the said John Hart, his heirs, and assigns forever, to have and to hold said given and granted premises with all the appurtenances, privileges, and profits to the same, belonging or in any wise appertaining without any reclaim, challenge, or contradiction by us, the said Hatchet Towsey and Jonathan, Indians, or by our heirs, executors, administrators forever.  Moreover, we, the said Hatchet Towsey and Jonathan, Indians, do hereby covenant, promise, and engage the above demised premises unto him, the said John Hart, heirs, and assigns forever against the lawful claims or demands of any person or persons whatsoever forever hereafter to warrant, secure, and defend.
As witness our hands and seals,
Hatchet Towsey, his mark and seal
Jonathan, Indian, his mark, seal
March 7, 1727
Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of William Wadsworth, Sr., William Wadsworth, Jr.
Hatchet Towsey and Jonathan, Indians, personally appeared in Farmington the day abovesaid and acknowledged the above written instrument to be their free act and deed before me, William Wadsworth, Justice of the Peace
A true copy of the original deed of sale received to be recorded, April 29, 1727