Confirmation of the Bounds of Saybrook by Uncas

Saybrook[1] this 10th of April, 1666
These present may declare to all whom it may concern that [ illegible ] I Uncas, sachem of Mohegan, in the year of our Lord 1641 about twenty five years since did sell unto the inhabitants of Saybrook the land which was belonging to me and my wife[2] bounded by the River of Connecticut on the west and the River of the Hammonasset[3] on the east, supposed to be about eight miles between the said two rivers by the sea called by the name of Pataquasat wabom[ illegible ] Wasquonasat Poochaug monon[ illegible ][ illegible ] Woothomonasat[4] or also eight miles northward from the s[ illegible ] by the said River of Connecticut and River of Hammonasset and did then deliver up to the said inhabitants full and free
possession having received full satisfaction to content and have since that time made sale to the above said inhabitants four miles more northward of the said eight miles abutting and running by the River of Connecticut on the east and unto the branch of Hammonasset  River on the west called by the name of Wadacatuk[5] which is supposed to be twelve miles from the mouth of Hammonasset River by the sea and the other twelve miles by Connecticut River is bounded by a white oak tree in a valley by the path side about 3 q of a mile south from the south [ illegible  ] of thirty mile island plantation all which lands I do  declare to have received full satisfaction for [ illegible ] expressed at the time of the delivery thereof and have by the desire of the said inhabitants both myself wife and my three sons Owaneco, Joshua,  and Amatha this present 10th of April 66 confirmed again the same to the said inhabitants the above said eight miles and four miles of land or it then expressed by marking out these bounds more exactly the twelve mile northward by Connecticut River mark  upon a white oak in [ illegible ] or above expressed with the east south and west sides of it stripped and on the south side marked with SB land and at the north bounds on the west by the middle branch of Hammonasset River of above said all which two parcels of lands together with all appurtenances thereunto belonging both myself, my wife and sons of abovementioned do fully and freely resign up to Robert Chapman, Will Packer, Robert Lay, William Low, Zachary Sanford, Abraham Post, and Robert Bull for the use and benefit of Saybrook engaging ourselves jointly and severally our heirs and successors to maintain the right of the lands above said to belong to the inhabitants of Saybrook  then and there  forever in witness whereof we here set our hands in the presents of
Jeremiah Peck
Samuel [ illegible ]
The mark of Uncas   
Sunk Squaw    
Notation:          The confirmation of the bounds of Saybrook by Uncas 10th of April, 1666
[1] This Saybrook could be present day Lyme, Deep River, Essex or Westbrook
[2] Uncas had several wives.  This woman was the dughter of Sebequenish.
[3] Hammonasset River
[4] This combination of native words appears to be a description of the property
[5] A branch of the Hammonasset River