Inquest on the Sudden Death of an Indian Child

We whose names are underwritten, being appointed a jury of inquest to inquire into the sudden death of an Indian child, we found the child lying dead in an Indian cradle with the throat of it cut.   The above-said child was in an Indian wigwam on the land of Peter Talman's, near the West River's mouth. This was on the 26th of August 1705 about four of the clock in the afternoon; and we did judge her throat was cut with a knife.
The names of the jury are
John Chittenden                    
Peter Talman             
John Fowler               
John Grave                 
Ebenezer Bensun
Joseph Grave
Abraham Bradly
Thomas Norton
Samuel Johnson
William Chittenden
Caleb Leete
William Leete
Concerning manslaughter in Guilford, Evere's Case, October 1705