Deed from Nesoheagan to Samuel Steele

This present writing made the first of September in the year of our Lord 1679 betwixt Nesahegen, the Indian, sometimes of Farmington, and from now of Hartford, of the one party and Samuel Steele of Wethersfield of the other party witnesseth that the aforesaid Nesahegen for and in consideration of a valuable consideration of a sufficient sum of money in hand by me received with also the allowance and consent of the General Court as may more fully appear in the record of the same in May 1679[1] have bargained and sold and, by these presents, do bargain and sell to the aforesaid Steele one acre of land in a place called the Indian Neck, abutting of the land of Mamanto, the Indian of the westward, and of the land of Nanapash, or [2] Nonepash, the Indian southward, and of land of the said Nesahegen's of the eastward, of land of Mr. Hawkins' or John Thompson's northward. To the aforesaid Steele to have and to hold the aforesaid acre of land to him and his heirs forever, to his and their proper use from the day of the date hereof forever with all the privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging to him, his heirs and assigns forever without any lawful eviction, ejection, or molestation from the said Nesahegen, his heirs, assigns, executors, or administrators, or any of them, or from any other person claiming from, by, under him or them, their procurement, privity, or consent, acknowledging by this present that I, the said Nesahegen, have good right and lawful power and authority to bargain and sell the premises, and them hereby do deliver into the lawful possession of the aforesaid Steele, and that I, the said Nesahegen, do freely, clearly, and absolutely discharge the aforesaid Steele, him and his heirs or assigns, from any demands by me, my heirs, or assigns in reference to the premises and do give him, the said Steele, hereby good right and lawful power and authority to record the premises to him and his heirs forever.
In witness to the premises, I, the said Nesahegen, have signed and delivered this with my own hand,
The mark of Nesahegen, the Indian
In the presence of witnesses Zachariah Seymour, the mark of William Clark 
Acknowledged before me, Samuel Talcott, Commissioner, September 1, 1679
A true copy of the original deed of sale, received to be recorded, August 15, 1724, per John Hooker, Registrar
[1] Connecticut authorities granted Steele liberty to purchase one acre of land in Farmington meadow from Farmington at their Court of Election, May 12, 1679.  3 PRCC 29.
[2] Deleted text: Nesahegen in the Eastward of