Memorial of the Tunxis with regard to Obtaining a Law Book

To the Honorable House of Representatives of the Colony of Connecticut Now Convened in Hartford in said Colony
The memorial of Elijah Wampey, Solomon Mossuck, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Moses, and the rest of the Tunxis Tribe of Indian Natives now living and inhabiting within the Town of Farmington in said colony, humbly sheweth that Your Honors’ memorialists have always lived and inhabited in the said Town of Farmington, by means whereof that most of us have, in some measure, become acquainted with and formed some general ideas of the English customs and manners, and many of said Tribe have been instructed in reading and writing in English and have at considerable expense in attaining the same and furnishing ourselves with bibles and some other books in English, for our further instruction, though poorly able to bear the expense thereof, and we being desirous to make further proficiency in English literature and especially to be acquainted with the statute laws of this colony, which appears to us highly necessary, since our English fathers inform us that we are considered by them as being subject to the laws and civil regulations of this colony and many of said statutes, being made with a special view for the government and regulation of the Indians inhabiting within the colony, we, Your Honors’ humble supplicants, do therefore pray Your Honors to give us a colony law book to guide and direct us in our conduct.
And your memorialists as in duty bound shall ever pray,
Elijah Wampey
Solomon Mossuck
Samuel Adams
Thomas Moses
Dated at Farmington, May 25, AD 1774
Legislative Action:  In the Lower House, granted the prayer for a law book, etc.  Test, William Williams, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Elijah Wampey, etc. memorial, 1774.  Passed Lower House.  Passed Upper House, June 4 am.