An Order to Supply Peter Freeman, an Indian Guide, with Clothing and Money

Peter Freeman, Indian of Narraganset, having been a guide to the English army for the Colonies, under the command of the late General Winslow[1] having done good service to the country, and whilst his doing that service, his daughter was taken and made a slave; the Court judgeth it meet to order the Treasurer of the Country to give him two English[2] coats, two pair of stockings, and two pair of shoes, one for himself and one for his wife, a white shirt, [3] four shillings in money to carry him home, having spent much time both now and formerly to obtain his recompense.  And it is left to the Major General to inform himself where his said daughter is in captivity, and with whom; and to endeavor for her reprisal and freedom, that she may return to her father. 
Voted by the whole Court met together, May, 30, 1685.  By the Court, Edward Rawson, Secretary.
Ordered that the Secretary write to Captain Prentice.[4]  
Judicial Action:
The Court[5] being informed that the girl being taken by the army, the General of the Army and several other captains, as the said Peter affirmed, promised him that his daughter should be released, and free, in case he proved a faithful guide to the army, which several chief officers in that army yet living, testified in Court that on their certain knowledge the said Peter Freeman did faithfully perform the service of a faithful guide to the said army going to and coming from the Swamp and afterwards to the great preservation and advantage of the army.  The Court ordered that the Secretary write to Captain Thomas Prentice[6] and inform him of the Court’s order that the said Peter’s daughter, being disposed by him not only for three or four years’ service, as yourself and the other gentlemen promised she serve for and no longer time but it being now near if not altogether ten years since that she hath served him or his order that he take care for her freedom and release or render your reasons that you judgeth sufficient to impede the same with all convenient speed, it being the mind of this Court that she be released and returned to her father, etc.  Edward Rawson, Secretary
Per curiam,[7] Entered 1685

[1] Josiah Winslow
[2] English overwritten the word Indian
[3] Deleted Text: and twenty shillings
[4] Captain Thomas Prentice
[6] Marginal Text: Copy of which is enclosed.
[7] Latin, by the Court