Memorandum from the Committee of the Massachusetts General Court regarding the Wives and Children of Indian Captives

The names of nine women with six children, great and small, examined by the Committee of the General Court this November 5, 1675 in Boston.
Sara, the wife of Great David, with one child at her back,  David being to be sent away, she is willing to go with her husband if to King Charles his country to the English.
Nuthcuncom, a young squaw, the wife of the young man whose father was shot to death at Marlborough1 and is in prison.
Great David’s mother, she hath no husband, very old.
Great David’s own sister2 with a little child, her husband Umphry being in prison, she is willing to go with her husband.
The squaw or wife of Will Hawkins, not willing to go with her husband, being an old woman.
Sara, the squaw or wife of Niehneminetwho went away last winter in the fall of the year from her and got another squaw, this Sarah hath a child. Mr.Elliot knows her well, she saith.
The wife of Jeffery, an old man, crooked.  She thinks he is in prison.  She hath with her one daughter about ten or twelve years old.  She is willing to go with her husband.
Hannah, the wife Nececoughocott that went to the French two years since and hath another squaw. She hath two children, one of ten years old and one of two years.
Mary, the wife of Sampson who went to the Great Swamp to the Indians at hilling time last.
The Magistrates think meet that such of the above said women that shall voluntarily choose to go with their husbands shall have liberties so to do and be accordingly sent along with them with their children and that the rest shall presently be sent down to Brewster Island,3 till farther order be taken.  The Magistrates have passed this; their brethren the Deputies hereto consenting. Edward Rawson, Secretary, Consented to by the Deputies, William Torrey, Clerk, November 5, 1675     
  • 1. The word Squabaug (Brookfield) is crossed out.
  • 2. The words “Daughter-in-law” have been crossed out.
  • 3. The Brewster Islands are a group of islands in Boston harbor, named for William Brewster.