Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Norwich

To The Honorable The General Assembly of The State of Connecticut to Be Holden at New Haven[1] within And for Said State on The second Thursday of October[2] AD 1818 
The subscribers, as Selectmen of the Town of Norwich, humbly shew that in the spring of 1816, they incurred an expense in relieving or supporting a squaw by the name of Eunice Waugs to the amount of twenty-nine dollars ninety-nine cents, which they supposed at the time was a good charge against the Mohegan Tribe of Indians.  And accordingly made a demand on them for satisfaction, but they refused payment on the ground she was not entitled to any portion in the lands of the tribe, nor to be supported out of the avails of the tribe, as according to the Indian rule none but full-bloods could claim any portions, and her father ,being an Indian belonging to some other tribe, they ruled her out as an alien. 
As there were many cases of this kind, which threatened the overseers of said tribe with sundry lawsuits; they preferred a petition to the General Assembly holden at Hartford in May AD 1817 praying that a committee might be appointed to determine what mode should be adopted relative to the manner of inheritance among said tribe of Indians; which said committee, after due investigation, reported to the General Assembly holden at New Haven in October 1817, that none were to be considered as belonging or having any claims upon the tribes or their property, but what were descendants from parents, both of which were natives of the tribe, which report was accepted and approved. 
Accordingly, your petitioners have abandoned their claim against the overseers of said tribe and have no legal claim or demand on any person, tribe or town for their pay.  Under these circumstances, your petitioners pray Your Honors to take their case into your wise consideration and grant them relief by directing the controller of public accounts to adjust said claim and draw an order on the treasurer for the amount thereof, or in such other manner as shall be thought proper. 
Dated at Norwich October 6, 1818
Selectmen of the Town of Norwich
Roger Huntington           
John H. Townsend          
Ebenezer Backus                               
Eleazer Rogers
Legislative Action:
General Assembly, October Session 1818 / In the Upper House, the prayer of this petition is granted, with liberty of a bill, etc., Attest, Thomas Day, Secretary.  In House of Representatives, the prayer of this petition is not granted, Attest, Samuel A. Foot, Clerk / In the Upper House, the Honorable  Mr. Lanman is appointed to confer with such gentlemen as the House of Representative may appoint on the different notes of the Houses on this petition. Attest, Thomas Day, Secretary / House of Representatives appointed Mr. Griffin and Mix, Commitee of Conference, Attest, Samuel A. Foot, Clerk. /  On report of Committee of Conference and on motion for reconsideration and concurrence, the House of Representatives adhere to their first vote, Attest, Samuel A Foot, Clerk / Petition of the 1818, Selectmen of  Norwich / Granted Upper House / Negatived House of Representatives / Committee Conference Upper House / Passed House of Representatives / Adhered House of Representatives



[1] Crossed out text: Hartford

[2] Crossed out text: May