Eastern Pequot Overseer Account from July 17, 1844 to June 20, 1845

The Pequot Tribe of Indians in account with Elias Hewitt, their overseer
July 17 
To one day to Norwich to give bonds and expenses
$    2.00
July 17
To paid clerk County Court for bond           
August 8 and 9
To two day to Lebanon to settle and pay them for support of Zilph Talsbury, one of the tribe.  For myself and horse   
To paid account for my expenses                              
To paid Daniel Carpenter, agent of Lebanon, for supporting said Zilph Talsbury six months, ending August 10, 1844 as per his bill                   
October 8
To ten yards of bed tick for Zilph               
To six yards cotton shirting for Zilph    
November 14
To this sum paid J. McCarty for supporting Eunice Waugs' child from April 1 to December 14 as per bill    
December 25
To this sum paid C. G. Sisson1 for summering five head of cattle in the pasture                         
December 25
To this sum paid Ezra Hewitt, it being a balance due him on settlement with the County Court as per bill    
To this sum paid Dudley R. Wheeler for cloth for Philena for one pair of shoes                       
January 2
To five pounds beef  25 cents and half bushel potatoes 17 cents for Henry Shantup
January 22
To cloth coat for Henry Shantup                  
February 1
To cash paid George W. Shirley for keeping Philena  
February 1
To shirt and pantaloons for Henry Shantup   
February 27
To this sum paid Charles Arnold, Esq., which he paid account for keeping Zilph Nedson from August 10, 1844, to February 4, 1845, when she died, including expense of burying her 
April 2 
To this sum paid Mrs. Shirley3 for keeping Philena, one of the Tribe
April 2 
To paid Dudley R. Wheeler for pair shoes for Molly Gardiner
April 2 
To paid Henry Gardiner for keeping Molly Gardner       
May 10   
To flour, pork, and beef delivered [to] Thomas Nedson when Lem Shelly died
To this sum paid Major Samuel Stanton for grave cloths for Lem Shelly and assistance in burying
June 8
To paid Mrs. Walker4 for keeping Molly Gardner               
June 8
To this sum paid David Holmes for coffin for Lem Shelly as per bill
June 15
To this sum paid Doctor Walker5 for doctoring the Tribe as per his bill                  
To interest on cash advanced                                                         
June 20
To this sum for my services attending to the ordinary concerns of the Tribe, letting their land, etc., it being the sum allowed former overseers
June 20
To one day to New London to settle account with Court and expenses
To this sum paid the court for settling account  
Contra Credit
December 25
By cash received of C. G. Sisson for rent of pasture from April 1844 to April 1845                                            
December 25
By Benadam Hewitt's notes for $90, payable December 25,1845, which was given for rent of pasture from April 1845 to April 1846, the present worth of the note is
Balance due Elias Hewitt 
$  27.97

Elias Hewitt

Judicial Action:

Elias Hewitt account with Pequot Indians, 1845.  Allowed and approved


 462 / 10 / 98a

  • 1. Charles Grandison Sisson
  • 2. In the original document, this entry marked the end of the page, where Hewitt then added the cost of the items to be $156.91.  The actual cost figure at that point was $157.91, an error of one dollar.
  • 3. Nancy Shirley, the wife of George W. Shirley, a farmer from North Stonington, Connecticut.
  • 4. Phebe Burroughs Walker
  • 5. Dr. Levi Walker
  • 6. The cost figures for the numbers given total $204.26. Hewitt was off by one cent.
  • 7. Deleted Text: $204.27