Bill from Mark Daniels to Elisha Crary, Overseer to the Western Pequot Indians

Elisha Crary as Overseer to Pequot Indians to Mark Daniels
To boarding Sarah Meazon from April 1 to April 26, 1824, being three weeks and five days at $ 1.50 a week 
To digging grave for Sarah Meazon
December 6    
To one fowl and two pounds eight ounces of pork for Ann Wampey
To getting wood for Betsy Squib
To keeping John Nedson from the first of April 1824 to the first of April 1825
To building stone wall on Indian land
Received payment in full of the above account in presence of Joseph Geer
Mark Daniels, his mark
February 25, 1825 
Endorsement: Mark Daniels Account and Receipt, Number 3 / Mark Daniels Account and Receipt, Number 3