Receipt from William F. Brainard to Eneas Morgan, Overseer to the Western Pequot Indians

Received of Eneas Morgan, Esq., Overseer of the Pequot Tribe of Indians, on account of my fees against said Tribe in the matter of the Petition of the Town of Hartford against them before the General Assembly1- $30.00
June 17, 1824
Received Mr. Morgan’s note for $15.00 in full of the balance
William F. Brainard
June 18, 1824
  • 1. This is a reference to the Petition of the Town of Hartford to the General Assembly for reimbursement for the “meat, drink, medicine, nursing, clothing, and other necessaries for the support of ” Sarah Meazon from February 1815 until her death in January 1821. The Selectmen of the Town of Hartford requested that a portion of the Pequot lands be sold to cover the over $300 charge. The General Assembly decided that, although typically the overseer of the tribe would be responsible for paying the debt out of the tribal coffers, in this instance it would set a dangerous precedent and place an undue burden on the tribe. Accordingly, the Controller of Public Accounts was authorized to settle the claim and no tribal lands were sold. For more about this case, see Petition of the Town of Hartford vs. Overseers of the Groton Tribe of Indians and associated Committee Reports, Motions, Resolutions, and Resolves.