Eastern Pequot Overseer Account from November 18, 1833 to February 13, 1834


Pequot Indians of North Stonington in account with Silas Chesebrough






November 18

To paid court fees 81 cents




January 21

To paid Charles G. Sisson for coffin for Esther Waugs as per bill  


January 23

To Jesse Champlin for boarding Philena in full up to this time



To one gallon molasses delivered Isaac Fagins by George W. Moss, February 2, 1832.  Omitted



To seven  yards sheeting1 delivered Tyra by George W. Moss, February 18, 1832.  Omitted



To boarding and care of Philena, three weeks, from January 23, 1834 to February 13, 1834



To one shirt for Philena and tapping shoes2



 $11. 84




November 18

By balance due Pequot Indians on settlement with the Court

-$  6.97


Balance due



To court fee paid on settling the account



 $  5.68



To the Honorable County Court now in session at New London within and for New London County, the subscriber respectfully asks to resign and to be excused from serving longer as Overseer to said Pequot Indians


Silas Chesebrough


February 13, 1834


Judicial Action:

Silas Chesebrough's account with Pequot Indians, 1834.  Settled and allowed by the Court, John DeWitt, clerk



1833 / 305 [ illegible ] / 317

  • 1. A sturdy plain-woven cloth usually of cotton used especially for bedsheets. Merriam-Webster.com.
  • 2. 19th Century taps were tiny pieces of metal nailed into the sole of a shoe to keep them from wearing down specific areas, generally the heel, ahead of the rest. Businessinsider, https://www.businessinsider.com/use-taps-to-protect-shoes-2016-11