Petition of the Selectmen of North Stonington to the New London County Court

To the Honorable County Court for the County of New London
The subscriber selectmen of the Town of North Stonington in said County would respectfully state that they have been informed that efforts are making to remove Ezra Hewitt, Esq., Overseer to the remnant of the Pequot Tribe of Indians situated in said Town.1                   
As far as our knowledge extends, we believe the said overseer has managed the property of the Indians in an honest and very judicious manner, and we believe his removal would be adverse to the interest of the Indians and an injury to the Town, as since he has been their overseer, he has so managed that the Town have had nothing to pay for them, while under former overseers, they have had large sums to pay, and we, therefore, hope that the petition will not be regarded, as we have reason to believe that it was got up without regard to the interest of the Indians or the Town.
Peleg Clarke        
George M. Bentley              
North Stonington, February 1, 1841
Endorsement:  Selectmen of North Stonington.  Memorial as to Overseer of Pequot Indians