Petition of the Eastern Pequot Tribe to the New London County Court

To the Honorable County Court to be Holden at Norwich within and for the County of New London on the Second Tuesday of February A.D. 18411
The petition of the undersigned Indians, being remnant of the Pequot Tribe of Indians, resident in North Stonington in said County, humbly sheweth that your petitioners have a reservation of about four hundred acres of land lying in said North Stonington. That Ezra Hewitt, Esq., of said North Stonington has been overseer of said tribe for about five years.2  That said overseer lives about three miles from us, is a single man,3 often from house rarely comes to see any of us in sickness or in health. That our land, if family rented, would yield an annual income which would add much to our comfort, especially in cases of sickness, but that said overseer has much of the time since4 appointment rented said land to his brother5 and often for less than others were willing to give, and has to managed what he has received, that little or nothing has been paid or expended for our benefit.
We, therefore, pray that Your Honors would inquire into said facts and, if found true, that said overseer may be removed and some meet person to be overseer and take charge of our affairs, and would name Charles Wheeler or Gurdon S. Crandall, Esqs., would be persons agreeable to us, and we believe would manage for our good.
And we as in duty bound shall pray,
Thomas Shelly, his mark
Cyrus Shelly, his mark
Clarry Shelly, her mark
Lemuel Shelly, his mark
Thomas Nedson, his mark
Polly Shelly, her mark
Sarah Pomp, her mark
8 tribe6
Dated at North Stonington, January 27, 18417
  • 1. The second Tuesday of February in 1841 was the 9th.
  • 2. The New London Superior Court appointed Hewitt as an overseer in February 1834.  Application and Appointment of Ezra Hewitt to Overseership of the Eastern Pequot Indians, 1834.02.10.00. 
  • 3. Hewitt's wife of ten years, Phebe Randall, died on September 16, 1839. He would remain single until he remarried on July 6, 1843.
  • 4. Deleted Text: his
  • 5. Elias Hewitt, Jr.
  • 6. The number eight most likely refers to the number of people who signed with a mark.
  • 7. This Selectmen of North Stonington responded to this petition with one of their own, see Petition of the Selectmen of North Stonington to the New London County Court,