Bond for Silas Chesebrough, Overseer to the Eastern Pequot Indians

Know all men to whom these presents shall come that we, Silas Chesebrough of North Stonington in New London County, as principal, and Benjamin Pomeroy of said North Stonington, as surety, are holden and stand jointly and severally bound unto Isaac Spencer, as Treasurer of the State of Connecticut, in the penal sum of two hundred dollars to the payment of which, to the said Isaac Spencer or to his successor in said office,  we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators firmly by these presents signed with our hands and sealed with our seals at Norwich in New London County this December 5, 1827.
The condition of the foregoing obligation is such that whereas the above bounden Silas Chesebrough is by appointment of the County Court holden at Norwich in said New London County November term AD 1827 the Overseer of that part of the Pequot tribe of Indians residing in said North Stonington.  Now, if the said Silas shall faithfully account, according to law, for the funds which are now or may be hereafter in his hands, belonging to said tribe, then said obligation is to be void and in every other case to be in full force and virtue in the law.
Silas Chesebrough
Benjamin Pomeroy   
Signed and sealed in presence of Codington Billings
North Stonington Indians Overseer's Bond, December 1827
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