Bill from Dudley Wheeler to Henry Chesebrough for Cyrus Shelly

Mr. Cyrus Shelly bought of Dudley R. Wheeler  1 pair brogans1 @ 8/   $1.34, charged William A. Chesebrough
North Stonington, September 27, 1821
Miscellaneous: 73 / 133 / 137             
  • 1. From the Irish word for shoe, bróc, a brogan is a coarse untanned leather lace-up shoe reaching to the ankle. It was used as work boots in the wet bogs of Ireland and Scotland as early as the 16th Century. It became the military footwear during the American Revolution and Civil War. While the brogan later became a fashion trend after Thomas Jefferson wore a pair to his inauguration, it remained a mainstay as a heavy work-shoe. Because they were manufactured on straight lasts, brogans did not have a left or right version, making them inexpensive to make but uncomfortable to wear, causing blisters until the leather was broken in. Wikipedia. OED.