Complaint of Momoho's Widow


To the Honored Court Now Held in Hartford, Greeting


These are to put you in mind of the former unity which was betwixt you and our nation when you were distressed by our enemies in the Narragansett wars.   Momoho was then the Pequot sachem and had sixty men under him and at all your expeditions of war was ready to serve you and doubtless was a guard to your nation which for to requite us the honored gentlemen of this colony gave to us five hundred acres of land which for that gratis we humbly thank you but it lying removed from the sea, we suppose it would be very difficult for us to get a livelihood upon it, whereupon, we made an exchange with Mr. Isaac Wheeler for two hundred and eighty acres near the saltwater.  Only Mr. Wheeler reserved the stalks of our fields for his cattle and horses, which was to our damages as it now proves.  The said Wheeler, now being dead, his sons claim whole privilege of the herbage and tell us that when one or two more of us be dead the lands will fall to them again, which some of us are ready to believe it will be so.  And now Ensign Samuel Miner and Josiah Grant hath bought country grants and pitched them upon our lands and tells some of us that we would let them fence and improve with us; that they will vindicate our cause betwixt the said Wheeler and us which we would desire the honored Court to vindicate our cause in that matter and give us further assurances of our lands and also to sequester it to us and our posterity.  We suppose that there will be some pleas make that we are almost all dead and indeed so we be but yet we have thirty-three men yet alive which belong to Momoho besides women and children, therefore, we would beg the honored Court that they would take that prudent care of us as to let no country grants to be laid upon our lands and also we desire the honored Court that they would empower some of our neighbors to have some inspection over our lands that we may not be wronged but we and ours posterity may enjoy them peaceably.  These from the sunk squaw,  which was the wife of Momoho, and her men.



Momoho’s Squaw’s complaint of Mr. Wheeler’s heirs


/ No date / written by Judd


73 / 90