Certification of the Selectmen of Dorchester regarding the Petition of Mary Plimton

These may certify, that we the subscribers, Selectmen of the Town of Dorchester, have by Inquiry had certain intelligence, that the above-mentioned Indian woman was sick at the house of the above named Mary Plimpton the time mentioned in her account and died there, and was supported and nursed by the said Mary Plimpton, and by her buried in Dorchester Burying-place. 


Robert Spur

Thomas Trott

James Blake

Thomas Bird

Richard Hall

Dorchester, February 22, 1747


Certification: We have inquired of some of the ancient Indians concerning the above-mentioned Sarah Quill, who say she was born and brought up in the Town of Sandwich but often travelled into these parts. Robert Spur, James Blake, Thomas Wiswell, Thomas Bird, Richard Hall, Selectmen

Dorchester, May 11, 1748


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