Petition of Mary Plimton to the Massachusetts General Court

To His Excellency William Shirley, Esq., Captain General and Governour in Chief, in and over His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, and the Honourable His Majesty’s Council in Council Convened, February 1747


The humble petition of Mary Plimpton of Dorchester, in the County of Suffolk, in the Province aforesaid, widow, sheweth, that in the month of November last an Indian woman named Sarah Quill (no inhabitant of this town) as she was travailing through the town was taken sick, and came to the house of your petitioner,[1] where she continued sick near a fortnight and then died. That your petitioner was at the sole charge and trouble of subsisting and nursing the said woman until her death and then to get her buried. That the said charges amounts in the whole to the sum of eight pounds and ten shillings old tenor, as will particularly appear by the account subjoined. 


Wherefore, your petitioner humbly prays Your Excellency and Your Honours to order the payment of the said sum out of the public treasury, for herself and those she hath employed, agreeable as is by law in this case (as your petitioner conceives) provided.


And your petitioner (as in duty bound) shall ever pray, etc.


Mary Plimton, her mark


1747, The Province of the Massachusetts- Bay to Mary Plimton in old tenor. Debit


December 2

 To subsisting and nursing Sarah Quill, a poor Indian woman and stranger, when sick, from the 19th of November last to this day

£ 4-00-0

 To John Bradley[2] for a coffin


To John Maxfield[3] for digging a grave and tolling the bell, and providing hands carry her to the grave, etc.


£ 8-10-0

Mary Plimton, mark Dorchester

Cataloguing: 562


[1] On the town death record for Sarah, it is noted that she died at Mrs. Price’s.  Price could be an alternative name for Mary.  Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, Dorchester (Sarah Quill), Ancestry.

[2] He may have been John Bradley (1711-1770) of Dorchester, Massachusetts, Find A Grave

[3] He may have been John Maxfield (1702-1760) of Dorchester, Massachusetts, Find A Grave