Petition of John Hunt to the Massachusetts General Court

Province of the Massachusetts Bay


To His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq., Captain General and Governour and to the Honourable His Majesty’s Council and House of Representatives in General Court Assembled, This day of January AD 1765.[1]


The petition of John Hunt, Indian man, now resident in Hingham in the County of Suffolk humbly sheweth that your petitioner is the only person surviving of his family, that he was brought up by the English from three years and half old, and ever since lived with them, and now follows the sea, and has a small patrimony at Pembroke in the County of Plymouth, a piece of woodland containing about ten acres which at present is but of little advantage to him, and he not likely to settle near it, the produce of which, if sold, might greatly serve him in his settling in the world (he being now a married man).  He, therefore, prays Your Excellency and Honours to empower him with the advice of the guardians for Indian affairs in the County of Plymouth to dispose of the same, the proceeds thereof by them applied towards purchasing some convenient to place suitable for his business.[2]


And your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray,


John Hunt



The subscriber having examined the foregoing petition and find the facts truly set forth and is of the opinion the prayer thereof is reasonable.  John Turner, one of the aforesaid Guardians

Legislative Action:

In the House of Representatives, January 13, 1765. Ordered that the prayer of this petition be granted and that the petitioner be and hereby is empowered by and with the consent of one or more of the guardians of the Indians for the County of Plymouth to make sale of the woodland mentioned in the petition, containing about ten acres, observing the rules and directions in the law for the sale of real estates by executors and administrators, and the money arising by the sale thereof be applied with the advice of the guardians aforesaid for the purpose mentioned in his said petition.  In Council, February 15, 1765.  Sent up for concurrence.  Read and concurred, Andrew Oliver, Secretary.  Samuel White, Speaker.  Consented to, Francis Bernard        


Petition of John Hunt, Indian.  January 22, 1765.  Colonel Clapp, Captain Saunders




[1] The day is omitted in the original.

[2] Deleted Text: he being [ illegible ]