List of Male Proprietors of Marshpee and Some Familes at Christiantown

Male Proprietors of Marshpee District, 1835[1]

Solomon Attaquin x   

Isaac Simons  x               

     George Canada o x    never visited him after death of his wife nor at present[2]

– John Queppish  x          

Ezra Attaquin  x            

Ebenezer Attaquin x  

Jeremiah Hicks o         

Daniel .B. Amos x         

James B. Amos  x          

Joseph B. Amos x          

Joseph Toby x

Daniel Queppish x

Isaac Coombs x              

Francis Hicks                 

Moses Pocknet x           

Dives Queppish x         

– William Mingo x           

Ebenezer Low o

Israel Amos x                  

   William Jones x                   

   Hebron Hicks o              

James Brown o


Sampson Alvis o

James Simons x

– William Holland o       

[ page cut, illegible ]

Matthias Amos   x

– o Joseph Pocknet x

– o Nicholas Pocknet x

– o Daniel Pocknet  x

Oaks A. Coombs  x

x Jesse Webquish x

James Lewis o

–-o x Gideon Nautumpum x

x James Williams  o

x William Amos o--

o x Isaac Wickham x   opposed[4]

o x Job Squib     opposed[5]

o x Joseph Gardiner o and son[6]

– x Nathan Pocknet


Ebenezer Attaquin

Peter Foller

Benjamin Attaquin

Aaron Keeter

From the Record, Daniel B. Amos, District Clerk

   911  against Mr. Fish
   111  in favour of [ Fish ]
   111  indifferent


of those present 4 [ illegible ] or 5




All new

George Peters

Negro, married a squaw

4 Children

All new

Francis Peters

Mulatto, married squaw

5 Children

All new

Recall De Grass

Mulatto, married squaw

5 Children

All new

Thomas James

Negro, married squaw

4 Children

All new

Samuel Mays


2 Children

All new

Johnson Sampson and wife

2 Children

All new

[ illegible ] Weeks


1 Child

All new

All children taught to read and write.  Female school kept nine weeks at $1.  Meetings near where they can be accommodated. Several belong to church at Gay Head. Do literally well.


Letter of Proprietors (male) of Marshpee supposed to relate to about the year 1835


55, 56


[1] In the following list, except for those given here in bold (Jesse Webquish, Janes Williams, William Amos, Job Squib, and Joseph Gardiner), names have been marked with an x or o or both in pencil.

[2] Comment marked in pencil

[3] Deleted Text: Jacob Pells 

[4] Comment marked in pencil

[5] Comment marked in pencil

[6] Comment marked in pencil

[7] Deleted Text: Juba Sever