Notes by Ezra Stiles on Indian Populations, Stone Piles and Vocabulary

Where the Oneidas have /l/ the Mohawks have /lr/.     
rauganeehauh              father                                      
keűh                             child                                       
loóneh                          wife                                                                
agen / ajen                   a man                                                  
cuhlauhquah                sun                                                                              
augistuuk                     stars    
Pile of stones between General Johnson1and Schoharie, another at Onondaga, another at Stockbridge, another at Milford in Connecticut, another at Monumet near Plymouth, and another at three miles distance.
A tribe at Monumet Pond, perhaps a dozen wigwams2   12
                                                Sippican, not above            12 families
                                                Acushnet                             12
                                                Assawompset                      15
                                                Pembroke and Scituate       20
                                                                                            71 families
                                                                                         284 souls
Mr. Hawley was at Onondaga A.D. 1761 where within three or four miles were a body of two hundred and thirty one Indian souls of which were
                                                Oneidas            124
                                                Tuscaroras         92
                                                Delawares          25
                                                                         231 souls of which about 60 or 70 warriors
or Onowiscorrogitha
cóolauh / coowauh        a head governor or sachem
royawnell                      counsellor
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  • 1.  This refers both to Sir William Johnson (c.1715-1774), the then Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Crown, as well as reference to the town he established earlier that year, Johnstown, 25 miles west of Schenectady.
  • 2. This community was also known as Herring Pond