Letter of Josiah Quincy to Phineas Fish

Reverend Sir,

I am directed by the Corporation of Harvard University to inquire of you concerning the state of your mission to the Indians in your neighbourhood and particularly request that you would state how many Indians usually attend your religious instruction; how many of them are members of your church; what schools are established among them by your influence, and under your superintendence, and that you would give any other information lending to how the degree of moral and religious instruction [ illegible ] to that people.

You will not consider these questions as proposed from motives of curiosity. Objections have arisen, in the minds of some, to the further application of the funds under the control of that Corporation to this [mission?] from suggestions, which have been made in relation to its efficiency and to the mode, in which its past labors have been applied.

It is very desirable, therefore, Sir, that the statement, above requested, should not be vague and general but, as far as possible, should be precise and exact.1

With great respect, I am your servant,

Josiah Quincy, President of Harvard University
Cambridge, November 25, 1833


Reverend Phineas Fisk2


Josiah Quincy's Letter to Reverend Phineas Fish, Mashpee / November 25, 1833

  • 1. For Fish's reply, see Letter of Phineas Fish to Josiah Quincy, 1833.11.25.00.
  • 2. Misspelling for the surname Fish.