Michael K. Johnson

Daniels, Mark, 1782 - 1871

Mark Daniels was born in Middletown, Connecticut about 1782.  Whether he was born into slavery or indentured to servitude is unclear, but in November of 1804, he ran away from his master, David Birdesy of Middletown.  In the runaway notice, the 22-year-old Daniels was described as five feet four inches tall, "very much scarred in the face and the little finger on his right hand crooked up." Three years later, Daniels' obligations to David Birdsey were terminated; he was freed.

Mashantucket Pequot
Culture & Society, Politics, Power, & Sovereignty
In this narrated audio segment, Deputy THPO, Michael Kickingbear Johnson, walks the listener through the history of his proud tribal nation...