Yeomanum, Mahomet, 1700 - 1736

Mahomet Yeomanum was a member of the influential Uncas family of Mohegan leaders, being the great grandson of the Mohegan Sachem Uncas, grandson of Owaneco, and son of the late Mahomet I.  His right to the sachemship of the Mohegan became an issue at the death of Owaneco.  Since he was only 13 years old and a minor, Mahomet's leadership was deferred by the ascension of his grandfather's youngest son, Ceasar Uncas.  Upon Ceasar's death, Major Ben Uncas, the only surviving son of Uncas, created a tribal crisis by challenging Mahomet's candidacy and splitting the Mohegan community into two factions.  Mahomet eventually sided with the Mason family during the long-running Mohegan Controversy.  On August 8, 1736, he died from the smallpox in London, where he had gone to argue his case before George II's Privy Council.  The Gentleman's Magazine (London), August 1736; The Daily Journal (London), Wed. August 11, 1736. 
c. 1700
August 8, 1736
Mahomet I