Wicket, Jabez, 1714 -

​Jabez Wicket was born in Wareham, Massachusetts circa 1714, the son of Nathan Wicket and grandson of Simon Wicket, the Indian preacher of Sandwich.  It was through his grandfather, Simon, that Jabez had rights to lands in Plymouth, to include the five acre Wicket’s Island in Onset Harbor, Wareham, Oyster Island, as well as, lands on Herring Pond.

In November of 1737, a young Jabez Wicket was listed among the heirs of Simon Wicket.  As owners of Oyster Island, the heirs sought authorization to sell the island. By January 1738, the island was sold and the avails distributed to the heirs of Simon Wicket, including Jabez. This was around the same time that the Town of Wareham was recorded as having paid Wicket rent for its use of Wicket’s Island in Onset Harbor.

From September1755 until May 1756  Wicket served as a private in Samuel Nichols Nelson’s Company, Joseph Thatcher’s regiment, taking part in the Crown Point campaign during the French and Indian War.  The forty-one year old Wicket was stationed at Fort Edward and at the time the roll was taken was “fit and present”.

Upon his return to Plymouth after the war, Jabez, along with nearly twenty others from the Herring Pond community, signed a January 1762 petition to the General Court seeking half of the annual profits arising from the alewife fishery, profits that the neighboring non-Natives were realizing at the expense of the Herring Pond community.

A decade later, in the spring of 1772, at the age of about sixty, Jabez and his family were in dire financial straits and sought authorization to sell his right to lands on Herring Pond, lands bordered by those of Eleazar and Josiah Ellis.  The petition was granted and Abraham Williams served as administrator of the funds on behalf of Wicket.

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