Wayawousit (Jeffrey), - 1716

Wayawousit (alias Jeffrey) was a member of the Totoket band of Quinnipiac at Branford, Connecticut.  He served on the council for the sachem Wompom (c. 1686).  In that capacity he established hunting and fishing rights in tribal lands at Indian Neck and sold other parcels of meadow to English settlers.  Wayawousit succeeded Wompom as leader of the Totoket.  In 1703 and 1704, he was required to sell off pieces of tribal land to pay for the criminal fines and release bond of his son, John Jeffrey.  At his death around 1716, his heirs included sons John, Constable, Harry, and Tom.  Menta, The Quinnipiac Indians, 157-8, 171.

c. 1716

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