Waukeet, George, 1711 - 1762

George Waukeet (c. 1711 – after 1762) was the leader of the Niantic community in the mid-18th Century.  His name appears first on the list in a 1761 tribal census taken by Ezra Stiles.  At that time, the 45 year-old Waukeet, his wife, their two sons, and four daughters resided in a wigwam on the Niantic reservation.  In 1751, his daughter married Ben Uncas III,the Mohegan sachem.  Forty years later, in 1791, his son Daniel married Anne Occuish, who later became known as "Queen of the Niantic Indian" of Lyme, Connecticut.   He was a signer of a Niantic tribal petition in 1762.
Number of Niantic Tribe of Indians taken October 7, 1761, by Ezra Stiles, 1761.10.07.0.  Niantic Petition to the Connecticut General Assembly, 1761.10.00.10
c. 1711
after 1762