Wadsworth, Hezekiah, 1722 - 1810

Hezekiah Wadsworth was the son of Nathaniel Wadsworth and Dorothy Hall of Farmington, Connecticut.  In June 1773, Wadsworth sold a parcel of land at Fort Hill in Farmington to the Samuel Adams and several other Quinnipiac.  In 1776 he presented a memorial to the Connecticut General Assembly on behalf of John Adams, a Quinnipiac-Tunxis, who had removed to the Mohawk Country, to sell Adam’s plot of land in Farmington.  The following year he served on a committee in selling land of other Tunxis.  The legislature reappointed him a member on a committee investigating Tunxis Indian affairs in 1786 and 1790. 

September 16, 1722
October 23, 1810

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