Valentine, Simon, 1783 -

Simon Valentine was a mariner from the Herring Pond Indian community.  In 1804 he married Bathsheba Wicket in Plymouth, daughter of Obediah and Bathsheba Hannet Wicket.  This is the same year that Simon signs a petition from the tribe to the Massachusetts General Court.  Several years later, in December of 1807, he signed a petition with other Herring Pond Indians requesting that their current state appointed guardian be allowed to continue in his position.  The following year, he signed yet another petition to the Massachusetts General Court, protesting a petition that advanced positions contrary to the interests of the Herring Pond and Black Ground Indians.  Later that year, in 1808,  he took out seamen's protection papers in Philadelphia.  By 1814, his marriage to Bathsheba had ended as evidenced by her marriage in Plymouth to John Gurnet on April 17 of that year.

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