Uncas, Benjamin III, - 1769

Benjamin Uncas III (   -1769), leader of the faction of Mohegans settled at Ben's Town. His children were Ben, Ann, Abimilech, Josiah, and George.  Endorsed by the will of his father Ben Uncas II in 1745, his appointment as tribal sachem was so contentious that it took close to four years before there was general agreement among the Mohegans to allow Ben (III) to take office.  Like his father before him, Ben was a loyal supporter of the Connecticut government and as just an ardent opponent of tribal efforts to bring Connecticut authorities to task during the Mohegan Controversy.  Paul Grant-Costa, "The Last Indian War in New England: The Mohegan Indians v. the Governour and Company of Connecticut, 1703-1774" (Ph.D. diss, Yale University, 2008), 245-247.