Talcott, Joseph, 1669 - 1741

Joseph Talcott was the son of John Talcott and Helene Wakeman of Hartford, Connecticut.  Talcott served as justice of the peace for the Town of Hartford (1705), Deputy to the Connecticut General Assembly (1708), and major of the colony’s First Regiment.    In 1710 he was appointed speaker of the Lower House and held various judgeships (Hartford County Court (1714-1721), Hartford Probate Court (1714-1721), Hartford County Superior Court (1721-1723).  Talcott rose to the position of Deputy Governor of the Colony of Connecticut in 1723 and was elected Governor (1724-1741). In 1722, Talcott was one of a committee to investigate a memorial from the Pequot Indians regarding land.   During his tenure as governor, he oversaw the colony’s response to the Mohegan complaint brought before royal authorities in London. http://www.cslib.org/gov/talcottj.htm

November 16, 1669
October 11, 1741