Stanton, Samuel, 1803 - 1879

Major Samuel Stanton was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Stanton of Charlestown, Rhode Island.  He later bought a farm at Wequetequock in Stonington, Connecticut where he removed.  Stanton was a Quaker.  In 1845, the Eastern Pequot overseer reimbursed him for his expenses in furnishing Lemuel Shelly grave clothes and assistance in the Pequot's burial.  The following year, Stanton rented the pasture on the Eastern Pequot's Lantern Hill reservation.
William A. Stanton, A record, genealogical, biographical, statistical, of Thomas Stanton, of Connecticut, and his descendants (Albany, NY; Munsell's Sons), 435, 445.  Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

October 27, 1803
July 5, 1879