Sisson, Charles Grandison, 1807 - 1874

Charles Grandison Sisson (April 15, 1807-August 21, 1874) was the son of Gilbert Sisson and Desire Main of North Stonington, Connecticut.  Educated in the local school, Sisson first worked in his father's furniture store then opened a general store.  For fifteen years, he purchased horses and mules from New London and New Haven for the sugar plantation trade in West Indies and the western expansion in America.  In 1840, he was elected to the Connecticut General Assembly, serving on term.

In January 1834, Sisson provided a coffin for Esther Waugs, six years later for Wealthy Nedson. He rented one of the Indian Town pastures on the Eastern Pequot reservation from April 1, 1841-April 1, 1844.  He also summered five head of cattle there that last year.

In 1846, Sisson removed to Jersey City, New Jersey where he became a real estate developer.  He invested in The Erie Railroad, serving at its director (1867-72) and later purchased and became president of The Northern Railway of New Jersey.  Sisson, as one biographer noted, was "one of the most remarkable and useful citizens of New Jersey during his twenty-eight years of residence there." 

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April 15, 1807
August 21, 1874