Simons, Abraham, 1750 -

Born in 1750, Abraham Simons was a member of a prominent Narragansett family from Charlestown, Rhode Island.  He and several of his brothers and sisters attended Moor's Indian Charity School in Lebanon, Connecticut.  Simons studied under Eleazar Wheelock there from 1768 to 1772, when the school relocated to Dartmouth, New Hampshire.
After an unsuccessful mission to the Tuscaroras in 1772, Simons then briefly became the schoolmaster to the Pequot then left for Oneida as an early Brothertown immigrant.  When the Revolution began, Simons enlisted in Prentice's Sixth Regiment in 1775 and served as a medic in a field hospital in Roxbury, Massachusetts. After the war, he returned to Oneida and was chosen a trustee in 1785.  His first wife having died the following year, he married widow Sarah Adams Deliverance in the summer of 1787.  He died sometime around 1792.
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c. 1750
Before 1792