Shelly, Polly

Polly Shelly aka Mary or Polly Johnson was enumerated in the 1810 Federal Census for North Stonington, CT as the head of a household of 4 free non-white individuals.  In May of 1815, a State of Connecticut committee counted her among the Eastern Pequot families living on the reservation with two adults in her household and no children. 

In June of the following year, she was compensated for pasturing, on reservation lands, three cattle belonging to her non-native neighbors. Polly Shelly appeared from May 1822 until January of 1841 in the records of the State appointed overseer for the tribe.  Entries for Polly Shelly/Johnson include credits for the leasing of reservation land and debits for food and supplies. She was involved in community political affairs as a signatory on an 1841 petition along with nine other Eastern Pequots requesting a new overseer for the Tribe.  There is no record of Polly Shelly/Johnson after this date.  

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Mary Johnson
Polly Johnson
After 1841