Shelly, Lemuel, 1797 - 1845

Born in 1797, Lemuel Shelly was an Eastern Pequot from North Stonington, Connecticut.  His name appears as a crew member of a ship in the port of New London in November 1816. Shelly received some items from the tribe's overseer -- in 1828, a bushel of corn, in 1839, some beaverteen cloth. He was a signer, along with several other of the Eastern Pequot, of an 1841 tribal petition to the Connecticut General Assembly, requesting the replacement of Ezra Hewitt as the community's overseer.
Lemuel Shelly died prior to May 10, 1845, the day when the overseer noted that flour, beef, and pork were delivered to Thomas Nedson after Shelly's death.  This may have been repayment for expenses Nedson incurred for taking care of Shelly or it could reflect expenses for Shelly's funeral service within the community.  Major Samuel Stark was reimbursed for the expense of Shelly's grave clothes and assistance in burying him. David Holmes made the coffin.

May 1845