Robbins, Elizabeth, - 1836

Elizabeth (Betsy) Robbins was a member of the Eastern Pequot community residing in and around Stonington, Connecticut.  She may have been one of the older females enumerated with either of the Sampson Robbins of Stonington in 1830. The first Samson (1795-September 1849), supposedly born in Groton, had a household that included a boy and three girls under 10, girl 10-23, male 24-35, female 36-54.  The household of the second Sampson, noted as Sampson Robbins 2d, contained a boy under 10, girl 10-23, male 36-54. woman 24-35. 

In September of 1835, Ezra Hewitt, the Eastern Pequot's state-appointed overseer provided Elizabeth corn and pork, as well as lumber to repair her house.  A month later, the repairs were still being made, as four pounds of nails were added to her allotment.  In December, she received an allotment of tea, bleached sheeting, and corn as well.  By January 6th, however, Elizabeth had died, as Hewitt paid Benjamin F. Sisson for making her coffin.

Federal Enumeration of Connecticut (Stonington 1830), Ancestry. Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.


Betsy Robbins
Around January 6, 1836