Poheage, Rachel, - 1818

The 1810 federal census for North Stonington, CT enumerated Rachel Poheage as the head of a household of three living on or adjacent to the Eastern Pequot reservation and neighbors with the families of Samuel Shelly, Cyrus Shelly, Bartlett Shelly, Hannah Poheage, Isaac Fagins, Elizabeth Tikens, Moses Skeesucks, Amos Robinson, Mary Johnson, and Johannah Shantup.    Rachel Poheage was listed as receiving benefits from the rental of Indian Town Pasture on the Eastern Pequot Lantern Hill reservation in North Stonington, CT in June of 1816. Two years later in 1818 the Town of North Stonington paid for supplies furnished to Rachel Poheage while she cared for fellow Eastern Pequot Phebe George alias Tikens.  That the Town of North Stonington paid Rachel Poheage’s heirs for keeping Phoebe George for a 32 week period from April to November of 1818 suggests that Rachel died at some point during that year. 1810 Federal Census, North Stonington, CT; Memorandum of Stock Allowed in Indian Town Pasture, 1816.06.01.00, ICRC; Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 312.